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Saturday 16 January

Programme & Timetable


16:00 BeApple (NLD)
Cees van Rooden: drums, vocals
Niels Tiebosch: bass, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Rik van Stiphout: keyboards, harmonica, vocals
Alain Leijtens : guitars, mandolin, vocals

17:20 Antoine Goudeseune (BEL)
Antoine Goudeseune: guitar

18:10 Chains: 50 jaar Beatlesfanclub in Nederland (NLD)
Documentary, announced by the maker: Peter van der Ham

19:15 Revolver (SCO)
Iain Muir: guitar, vocals
Ross Nicoll: guitar, keyboard, vocals
Nick Forbes: bass, vocals
Michael Benbow: drums, vocals

20:45 The Hamburg Beat (ENG)
Phil Halton: drums
Mark Waldie: guitar, vocals
Nick McAndrew: guitar, vocals
Alex Waldie: bass, vocals

22:00 The Brothel Creepers (ITA)
Riccardo Naldi: guitar, vocals
Matthew Cavina: drums, backing vocals
Riccardo Turrini: guitar, banjo
Roberto Castagnara: piano, bass, guitar, backing vocals

23:00 Whatever happens…
Jam, sing along



From 15:00
Collector’s Market & Exposition

BeApple (NLD) (16:00)


For several years BeApple is well known for their remarkable approach. The ‘Eindhoven four‘ knew they never wanted to be just another Beatles tribute band from the moment they met. It already brought the band some fantastic gigs around the globe.

Today BeApple is acclaimed for their unique approach in the international Beatles tribute scene. The ‘Eindhoven Four’ succeed to touch the atmosphere and the character of the original recordings in an unique personal twenty-first century way.

BeApple’s “The Beatles with a twist” might be close to the sound of the fab four translated into the twenty-first century.

Antoine Goudeseune (BEL) (17:15)

Antoine Goudeseune

This young musician from Belgium, born in 1981, started studying classical guitar at 8 years old. Driven by his passion he entered the ‘Conservatoire Royal’ in Mons at the age of 18. So we deal with a real professional guitarist.

Already at the age of 11 he joined the school band, playing mostly Beatles songs. That was the beginning of a long love story with the Fab Four’s music. We only had to wait some twenty years to finally get admittance to his unique solo project.

Antoine Goudeseune makes you go back into the Beatles universe with subtle arrangements. Most songs you’ll know, some you might not.

Chains (NLD) (18:10)

Chains, 50 years Beatlesfanclub in The Netherlands
The maker of this documentary Peter van der Ham will introduce this exclusive viewing.

Revolver (SCO) (19:15)

Revolver UK

Revolver are a four piece band from Dundee, Scotland, formed in 2008 by four childhood friends with a shared love of the Beatles. Since their formation they’ve gone on to perform at numerous festivals in Europe and USA.

The group are particularly renowned for their performances of many of the classic album tracks recorded from 1965 onwards. They relish the challenge of performing these complex studio productions in a live setting, including the entire 1966 album “Revolver”.

Revolver’s set is a truly eclectic mix of material with something special guaranteed for every Beatles fan.

The Hamburg Beat (ENG) (20:45)

Hamburg Beat

Initially called ‘The Word’ the band burst onto the scene as mere teenagers in 1981. The boys soon gained a strong following playing at many packed venues across the UK.

In the beginning, the group played a mixture of Hamburg/Cavern Club Beatles’ rock n roll favourites, interspersed with a few well known early Beatle hits and venues were soon rocking to The Word’s authentic 60’s Beat Group sound.

Despite a highly successful and enjoyable time playing to enthusiastic audiences in the early 1980s, the boys decided to concentrate on writing and recording their own original music and over several years performed their own material (though always with a few ‘Hamburg Beatle’ songs squeezed into their set lists).

In 2012, the group reformed as ‘The Word – Hamburg Beat’ with three original members (Mark, Mac and Phil), who were joined on stage by Mark’s son Alex, who impressively took over bass playing duties from original bass player Dave Wray. This time around, there were to be no compromises in their set list, with the group focused on faithfully reproducing the Hamburg sound of the early Beatles’.

The group’s first appearance since reforming, saw the three original band members retrace their steps from 30 years ago (when they topped the bill at the same venue), by performing to an enthusiastic audience at a Beatles themed event back at Lincoln’s premier venue, The Lincoln Drill Hall.

Now performing across the UK and overseas as ‘Hamburg Beat’, the group are again playing regularly to enthusiastic audiences, wanting to experience their authentic interpretation of a night at The Star Club, back in 1962.

The Brothel Creepers (ITA) (22:00)


The Brothel Creepers are a project of old school rock’n’roll, played with energy and engaging spirit. Born in 2009 from the ashes of VivaVoce, they chose their new name as a tribute to the shoes used by rockabilliers and then from punk in New York, the blue suede shoes by Carl Perkins. The repertoire of the Brothel Creepers can be distinguished into two branches: the fifties Rock’n’Roll (eg. Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis) and Powerboat from the sixties (eg. Beatles, Searchers, Monkees). After the first load of dates in Italy, including Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Veneto, it was time to make a further leap. It is 2010, and the band scored a gig at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, and then took part along with 70 other international teams at the annual Beatle Week festival in different places around England, including Cambridge, Epsom and London.
• Their first EP, Juvenile Delinquents, is published for the tuscan label “Bao Bello Music”. But it was in July 2011 that they came out with their first real album: How to teach you Rock’n’Roll.
• In just two years participated in 70 dates across Italy, again at the Beatle Week England, the Beatle Night Wasquehal in France, the Abbey Road On The River Festival in Louisville, Kentucky (USA) and the Beatle Day of Mons (Belgium).


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