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The People Behind


AlainAlain Leijtens (Coordination)

Alain Leijtens has been a Beatles-fan ever since he saw The Yellow Submarine movie as a child, and over the years has gathered an impressive collection of rare Beatles video footage. His other passion is guitar playing, being a member of several all-round bands during his twenties. During this period he also had a part-time job at EMI Music Netherlands (Uden, NL) which is home to many successful and famous artists, including The Beatles. After obtaining a bachelors degree in Economics, Alain has been working in the ICT branch; first as an ICT-manager in a medium-sized enterprise, and later as an ICT entrepreneur himself. Then the time came for BeApple, a Beatles tribute band, formed by an enthusiastic group of musicians responding to an Internet ad. With their immediate international success, Alain experienced first-hand a number of festivals around the world, and an idea was born…


Pasfoto_MarcoMarco van Oosterhout (Marketing)

In the last 15 years Marco has helped to organise large music events in Eindhoven. He is the financial manager for the international Tuna Festival which transforms downtown Eindhoven into a Spanish atmosphere for one long summer weekend every year.
He developed an above average interest in music and numbers. Keeping detailed lists of music charts during elementary school he became intrigued by the domination of the Beatles in the charts.
Professionally Marco works as Marketing Manager for Assembléon, a typical “Dommel-valley” High-tech Company. He holds a Masters in Engineering (from the University of Eindhoven) and has also worked for several years at Philips Electronics. With his knowledge of musical festivals, marketing and engineering it was a natural choice for Marco to join in the organization of BeatleBrainia.


Pasfoto_RikRik van Stiphout (Concept)

Working at Eindhoven City Council Rik van Stiphout has been struck by the coherence of things in his city. In 2005 he wrote the trendsetting holistic vision for lighting in Eindhoven and subsequently created the widely distributed ‘Eindhoven – City of Light’ book in 2007. He then went on to initiate a groundbreaking approach to lighting for the re-development of the former Philips industrial site of Strijp-S, which has evolved into the ‘Creating a Public Lighting Experience’ innovation programme.
In 2006 Rik came into contact with a group of musicians with a passion for the Beatles. Being a musician himself, although not a specialist in the Fab Four, this opened up a whole new world of possibilities and the forming of the group BeApple ‘The Beatles With a Twist’. BeatleBrainia is a logical “next step”, focusing on aspects that have had a major influence on the world and acknowledging and celebrating the links between them. Rik has also been involved in the concept development of Eindhoven Brabant 2018 European Capital of Culture.


Pasfoto_BeApple BeApple

Internationally recognised for their remarkable approach to music this Dutch ‘Eindhoven Four’ knew right from the start that they didn’t want to be just another Beatles tribute band; an approach that has taken the band around the world playing at numerous
fantastic locations and festivals.


Pasfoto_RethinkingGroup Rethinking Group

Partners with forward thinking customers to deliver focused, innovative and emotional strategies that drive business results.


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